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    When you turn on a record from The Front Bottoms, you hear the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of two lifelong friends who stare down personal tragedy and the madness of a world gone haywire by simply playing a little louder together. The duo—Brian Sella [vocals, guitar] and Mat Uychich [drums]—spin all of these emotions into a tapestry of punk, folk, and alternative on their new full-length album, In Sickness & In Flames.

    “When you listen to this, I definitely want you to feel the anxiety,” affirms Brian. “There are some pretty rock and roll songs and heavy moments on In Sickness & In Flames. I hope the tension comes across. We went through all of these unbelievable life changes, and then all of these insane things happened in the world. If you get anything out of it, we want it to be that creativity can basically solve any problem and will save us. This was made from a tense place. Look around. You literally see sickness and flames right now, but we can grow from it. Metaphorically for The Front Bottoms and the community, we’re basically saying, ‘There’s a lot of craziness happening, but here’s an album out of it’. This is the creativity we need to keep our heads above water.”

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