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    There is a mechanic shop in the heart of industrial Kingston - it’s tucked in the corner of a dusty cul-de-sac, surrounded by dead trees and rusted out machinery. That’s where The Glorious Sons call home. With seven consecutive top-10 radio hits including their first #1 “The Contender”, this band’s ascent in the world of Canadian music has been quick and well-deserved. The Sons were by all metrics, the most-played artist on Active Rock radio in 2015, entrenching them as the next generation of great rock to emerge from Canada. The Glorious Sons are an everyman band, telling real stories from a blue-collar perspective. They hit their stride with their debut album, “The Union”, a collection of honest and heartfelt songs touching on themes of life, love, passion, loss and redemption. Vocalist/lyricist Brett Emmons is one of the strongest voices in rock, backed by a lush, loud and powerful soundtrack supplied by guitarist Jay Emmons, and the rhythm section comprised of Adam Paquette (Drums) & Chris Huot (Bass).

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