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    The Bastrop Museum & Visitor Center, located just outside Austin in historic downtown Bastrop, is proud to announce the ‘Historic Fashion Special Exhibition’ featuring fashion from the 1800’s through the mid-20th century. An amusing and informative video showing in the Special Exhibition room provides a close-up look at "why we wore the clothes we did". The exhibit runs daily through March 31st, 10am – 5pm. Everyone is welcome! Open FREE to the public.

    Fashion is a booming and prominent industry that reveals identity, allows for expression, and provides an opportunity for social change. The history of fashion is fascinating and is filled with culture. As values and society change, fashion changes. Evidence of such change is revealed in the intriguing collection of historical clothing that includes an 1880s ladies velvet jacket, a 1900 men’s dinner tuxedo jacket, a 1926 flapper dress, an early 1800s beaver top hat, along with other Texas fashion artifacts. Pictured here in a 1920 white day dress is Carrie Inez Richardson Robertson, great grandmother to the Exhibit's fashion historian, Cheri Ray.

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