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    $10 all ages, purchase at www.steamerlanemusic.com

    Not just any Beatles cover band - The Lonely Hearts Club brings The Beatles' catalogue to life with their immense energy and modern approach to the music we love so much!
    The Lonely Hearts Club is Austin’s newest, high-energy Beatles cover band. No silly wigs, costumes, or fake accents found here!
    The band consists of four of Austin, TX’s hardest working, regularly gigging musicians bringing you music that spans across the entire Beatle catalog imagined how The Beatles would’ve played their songs live had they kept touring.
    Live videos, upcoming shows, and more: https://linktr.ee/thelonelyheartsclub
    About The Band:
    Jeremy Fowler – Guitar player turned bassist. Hates wearing shoes. Lives in a van down by the river.
    Will Patterson – Pearlsnap Beatle. Cowboy hat hero. Garden partier.
    Grahame O’Shea – Has a real British accent. Cruise ship musician pro. Eats every two hours.
    Anthony Sanders – Avid reader. Also a piano stud. Regularly drives incredible distances to play gigs.
    On the fence about coming?
    Here's the nudge you need: You do not want to miss this event! Check out this Youtube playlist featuring The Lonely Hearts Club live: https://bit.ly/3wETu54
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