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    The Rose: Trouble in Paradise” pits rejected suitors against each other in a battle for love, victory, and fame.

    Longtime viewers of series like the Bachelor know that things really get spicy in the spin-off season, when contestants who were “here for the right reasons" show their true colors as they get a second chance at victory - and notoriety. With game dynamics inspired by shows like Real World/Road Rules/The Challenge, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy a margarita in this tropical paradise as a cast of Austin's finest comedians competes to win the ultimate prize: your attention.

    Directed by Lilli Lopez with Assistant/Technical Director Dylan Garsee.

    Allison Webster
    Emma Galdo
    Emma Morris
    Ilan Raschkovsky
    Irielle Wesley
    Jennifer Rosario
    Jessica Leath
    Jessica Soos
    Keylan Haynes
    Mason Kerwick
    Minda Wei
    Zachary Stocks

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