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    Enjoy three courses of food, unlimited select drinks and a concert at this special event series from The Wild Honey Pie.

    Austin singer-songwriter Walker Lukens makes alt-pop worth listening and dancing to. “I am definitely a student of old R&B and soul and some 70s singer-songwriter stuff [...] We’re making some kind of pop music but it does sit between a lot of genres,” Lukens told ovrld. He has a groove that sits well with his pop lyricism, finding the perfect places to add a jazzy bass riff and 70s inspired keys along with effortless harmonies. All of these elements will come together for a seamless second round of The Wild Honey Pie’s dinner party in Austin—keeping things close to home with the celebrated local artist.

    Lukens started off with more solid folk roots in his debut album Devoted in 2013 but has graduated to a more intricate full band sound throughout his career. Elements of his folk sensibility still shine through even on his newest release ADULT, which came out in April of this year. He partnered with fellow Austinite and Spoon drummer, Jim Eno, for a product that The Austin Chronicle said, “finally begins to define Walker Lukens’ sound.” Join us on November 11 at Lucy’s Fried Chicken as a part of our 10-year-anniversary celebration over three courses that can accommodate any dietary restrictions.

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