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    You ever wonder what national touring comedians do during the week when they aren’t in another city entertaining the locals? Of course you have. Everyone does.

    They are at a comedy club working out material. Want to guess why we named the show The Workout Comedy Show?

    You are so smart.

    The Workout Comedy Show is exactly what you think it is. It’s where comedians go on stage and workout for you. Like lifting weights and doing yoga.

    If you believe that, you should not come to the show.

    The Workout Comedy Show is a stand up comedy showcase for comedians to work out their material in front of you beautifully intelligent people.

    Not only will you see the best comedians, you are going to experience the hottest new venue in Austin, located on East 6th St. The Studio.

    You are going to laugh away all the bullshit or laugh to laugh because laughing is the best.

    Poetry. And comedy.

    You should really come to the show. You never know who is going to drop in. Comedians include local national touring headliners and motherfuckers you are going to love to watch.

    You are going to laugh your butt off. Guaranteed! On my momma.

    Get your tickets right now! See you there.

    Doors at 7PM | Show starts at 8PM

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