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    American Artists Project presents Use Your Voice, Use Your Vote, an exciting two part nonpartisan event (tickets sold separately) where we will use the arts to show the importance of using your voice and your vote in shaping our community.

    This first concert at 1:00 PM will feature an emotional theatrical presentation of selected scenes from the play Barbara Jordan: One Voice by Frenchie Davis who will also perform songs with the Christopher Spivey and Company gospel choir. Indian-American musician Nagavalli will be collaborating with musicians to bring her rich, soulful "Eastern Soul" music to life on stage.

    Let's come together to make a difference and create positive change. See you there and don't foget to get your tickets to part two of our event at 3:00pm featuring the trailblazing dance group the Rollettes, Columbian Funk group Superfónicos, SOCO Women's Chorus, Chorus Austin and more.

    *This event is supported in part by the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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