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    A lifelong artist of many genres/mediums, Amanda h. b. Jones can't seem to give up her addiction to variety. It's as if the shifting of formats is part of the message, a unified field theory reaching for connection, saying our form doesn't really matter that much, it's how we grow, explore and evolve that shows us what's real. In the art of improvisation, the art of living, art is the mysterious, sacred constant.

    Some seasoned Austinites will be familiar with Amanda's performances with the band Night Viking; an even more exclusive subset knows of her solo act ::the lost art (of)::. Now around the time of her 41st solar return, Amanda h. b. Jones is revisiting solo performance as a medium not donned in many moons, and challenging herself to a crash course in amateur video production in order to bring you performances pandemic-style. There will be a variety of moods and formats (T.B.D.), released sporadically on our gallery's website throughout the month of February, and presented as an entire program on March 7th.

    This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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