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    Highlights and agenda:

    Varta will feature South-Asian artists, writers and storytellers in the library in the heart of South-West Austin.

    Oral storytelling from South-Asia: The festival will launch an exhibit of oral storytelling techniques from South-Asia. The moving exhibit will be displayed in the library and will be accompanied by the launch of an audio storytelling project focused on storytelling.

    Children’s Storytelling and Activities: Drop-in hands-on story activities! There will be a chance to learn new stories, color on various themes, and celebrate the South-Asian culture with a story performed by local children. We will also have a storytelling performances from artists.

    Likhawat creative storytelling panel: Listen to local authors and storytellers on their inspiring journeys.

    Dastangoi: Get ready to enjoy an immersive storytelling performance with a desi folk story.

    Music and Dance performance: Families can also enjoy dance performances from local nonprofits and South-Asian artists.

    Chance to win prizes, giveaways, free ice-creams, and overall have a FUN day engaging with art, literature and stories!

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