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    For a long time, Ramesh Srivastava wanted to leave the past in the past. It’s been over a decade since Voxtrot, the Austin-based band he fronted between 2003 to 2010, called it a day, and the frontman was happy for much of that time to keep the five-piece as a memory. In fact, for most of it, he’s been plagued by varied but recurring dreams in which Voxtrot – completed by lead guitarist Mitch Calvert, bassist Jason Chronis, keyboardist Jared van Fleet and drummer Matt Simon – were onstage and things weren’t going so well. In one instance, the band might have forgotten the songs. In another, nobody cares about the band anymore and they’re playing to an empty house. Whatever the situation, his dreams have always been anxiety-ridden and negative. Until recently.

    “About a year ago,” he says, “I had a dream where we were onstage and it was really positive. And there was such a strong and palpable feeling of love in my heart that when I woke up, it was still with me. I switched on my phone and started looking at things tagged with Voxtrot on social media – like teenagers now covering our songs, people with Voxtrot tattoos – and just went down this internet rabbit hole that made me realize how much love there still is for the band. I was seeing it from this really wonderful viewpoint, and that morning – for the first time since the band broke up – it seemed very, very obvious that we should do this.”

    ‘This’ is both the band’s first tour since 2010, and the release of two records. There’s Early Music, a collection that brings together – and on vinyl for the first time – the band’s first two EPs, 2005’s Raised By Wolves and 2006’s Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives. There’s also a B-sides and rarities compilation called Cut From The Stone, which will be released a little further down the line. Both records feature cover art by longtime Voxtrot collaborator Annie Gunn, which serves as a visual representation of these songs and drives home just how relevant and important their sense of hope and wonder remains today. That was an idea cemented in Srivastava’s mind through his involvement in Austin’s ayahuasca community.

    Doors 8pm, Show 9pm // ALL AGES

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