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    “War Remains” is a category-defining experience from MWM Immersive that uses virtual reality to give audiences a taste of one of the most extreme battlefields in history - The Western Front of the First World War. As educational as it is exhilarating, the experience blends Dan Carlin’s classic narrative style with moments of unfettered combat to bring viewers closer to history than ever before. Physical and virtual elements combine to create a visceral, realistic simulation far more immersive than a film or video game.

    Dan Carlin’s two long-running podcasts are among the most popular in the world. Part storyteller, part analyst, Carlin has mastered the art of looking at subjects from multiple angles and dissecting and thinking about them in original ways. His passion is contagious, his ideas are captivating, and his approach to the past is unlike anything taught in a classroom.

    Due to the immersive nature of this experience, only one participant will enter at a time and there is no late admission. In-virtual reality runtime is 12 minutes. TICKETS AND OFFICIAL TIMESLOT MUST BE PURCHASED THROUGH TODAYTIX WEBSITE.

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