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Whole Planet Foundation Power Her Potential Women's Expo Sports & Outdoors

Power Her Potential Women’s Expo featuring food and beverage vendors, classes, meet-ups, self-defense demonstrations, jewelry workshops, panels, speakers and much more.

Did you know the average microcredit loan is just $182? While this may not seem like much, in some areas of the world, where women are marginalized with little say in community decisions, these small loans make a significant impact. Microcredits empower women to grow their businesses, become recognized forces in their community’s economy, and end the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

Whole Planet Foundation has funded over 2.6 million microcredit loans for entrepreneurs to establish home-based businesses and pull themselves and their families out of poverty. Whole Foods Market provides 100% of Whole Planet Foundation’s operating expenses, which ensures that each dollar donated is given directly to people in need.

Visit the Power Her Potential Women’s Expo website for tickets. Ticket sales benefit women entrepreneurs living in poverty through Whole Planet Foundation.

Whole Planet Foundation Power Her Potential Women's Expo