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    Wild and Precious by Amanda McInerney and Lana Waldrep Appl
    Exhibition Dates: May 24th - June 22nd
    Opening Reception: Friday, May 24th 7-10 pm

    Wild and Precious
    The exhibition title Wild and Precious is taken from Mary Oliver’s Summer Day where she asks readers to consider what they “plan to do with [their] one wild and precious life.” Amanda McInerney and Lana Waldrep Appl’s exhibition poses a similar question as both artists make work that circle around issues of life and mortality and a thirst for stillness and quiet in the face of life that moves so quickly, bombards us with distraction, and too often just slips away.

    All objects in her paintings are rendered life-sized, reminding the viewer of their body. Scratches, scrapes, and piped-on impasto emphasize the hand and elicit a sympathetic, tactile response.

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