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Wild Night Out, Innovative Tech Saves Species Shopping Events

The Global March for Elephants & Rhinos ATX presents the revolutionary work of dedicated Conservationists working to save endangered species from extinction:

"We use drones that can fly at night and find poachers before they kill. It works. It's proven. The poaching STOPS." Event Presenter, Robert Hannaford, Technical Director of Air Shepherd / Time Magazine Article

"The rhino poaching boom has increased 9000% in South Africa alone. Across Africa, an elephant is poached every 14 minutes, a rhino every 7 hours. At this rate, both species will be extinct within 10 years." Get the facts about what's happening on the ground, just a few days ago: 300 Elephants Poisoned in Zimbabwe The Telegraph

Many species are on the brink of extinction. While some, such as the Western Black Rhino and the Northern White Rhino, have already become extinct within the last decade. Remaining wildlife is more threatened now than at any other time in history.

Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies at TCU, Event Presenter, Dr. Mike Slattery, launched an initiative that would help change the lives of one specific animal: the rhinoceros. “Wrapping protection around the rhinos is first priority. This includes anti-poaching units, dog patrols, 24/7 human protection, dehorning the animals and building game reserves."

“There’s a lot of people around the world that are scrambling to try and figure out how to protect the species,” Slattery said. “They’re figuring out how to stop the poaching, how to reduce the demand and how to move this needle back towards a much more sustainable growth population of the species.” See: TCU’s Rhino Initiative

Learn how new research fueled the idea of harnessing IBM Cloud, the Internet of Things (loT) and predictive analytics technologies to combat the poaching of rhinos: Speaker, IBM Innovation Team Leader, Markus van Kempen, will share how this new field strategy can make poaching predictable and therefore nearly impossible - effectively replacing guns with innovative technology.

Check out our Drone displays and learn more about DNA Analysis, Acoustic Traps, Thermal Imaging and other technology designed to stop criminal syndicates in their ongoing attempt to poach animals for the multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade. And join with the Austin Tech Community to support this vital work at Tech ATX Fund for Wildlife.

Join us to support the work of award-winning trailblazers at our "Wild Night Out: Innovative Tech Saves Species" Fundraiser:

Date: Sunday, Dec 2, 2018

Time: 6pm-10pm; VIP Dinner 6-7pm

Location: Vuka Gather South, 411 W Monroe St Austin, Tx

Program: Speakers, VIP Dinner, Exhibitors, Tusker Film Trailer, Music, Art, Appetizers, Cocktails, Silent Auction, African Wildlife Safari Raffle, Door Prizes.

Wilderness Safaris is one of the world's premier Safari companies offering the experience of a lifetime. Join us at our Event to participate in their donated Wildlife Safari to Botswana auction!

RSVP: Seating is Limited. Please reserve and RSVP in advance.


501(c)(3) Non-Profits, The Global March for Elephants & Rhinos ATX (Tax ID EIN 81-2805255) works to raise awareness and funds for top NGOs working to end this time sensitive crisis.

SPONSORED BY IMPACT HUB AUSTIN: Impact Hub Austin is a globally connected, locally focused community workspace in Austin that delivers social impact programming events for businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, nonprofit organizations and more. We’re thrilled to have Impact Hub Austin as an in-kind sponsor for our Innovative Tech Saves Species Event.

Wild Night Out, Innovative Tech Saves Species