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    Yam Haus is a band from Minneapolis, MN. They have built a devoted grass roots following in the Midwest and across the US, sold out the iconic 1500 capacity First Avenue, and have gotten their music added to regular rotation on the twin cities iHeart station Cities 97.1 as an independent band. They have a new body of work set to release soon, and fans are eagerly anticipating what's next from this talented group.

    Yam Haus's sound is a blend of pop, rock, and electronic elements, with catchy hooks and uplifting lyrics that speak to the human experience. The band consists of four members: Lars Pruitt (vocals), Seth Blum (guitar), Zach Beinlich (bass), and Jake Felstow (drums). Each member brings their own unique style and energy to the group, creating a dynamic sound that is all their own.

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