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    Incredible thought leaders are coming together for the upcoming Yoga and Science Conference, including two of Austin's very own, David Ring, MD, PhD, Dean of Comprehensive Care at Dell Medical School, and Kristin Neff, PhD, Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at UT. The panel will share their years of research and experience in explaining the underlying physiological mechanisms that make yoga an effective practice for health and wellness. The Conference will include experiential exercises and a joint panel Q and A to be moderated by Eddie Stern. The conference keynote presenter, Larry Scherwitz, PhD, will present his 20+ year journey as a research director with Dr. Dean Ornish into discovering how a 4-component yoga-based lifestyle change program can reverse a host of related chronic diseases including coronary artery disease, diabetes, and prostate cancer.

    For anyone interested in learning more about the science behind how yoga and mindfulness help promote and maintain wellness, this conference is for you. This conference is for professionals in the health and wellness fields as well as for laypeople who are interested in the science that supports yoga and mindfulness.

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