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    Zach Blew discovered his musical roots under the guidance of his father at a young age while growing up in rural South Carolina. Now based in Austin, Texas, the singer-songwriter traverses genres of folk, R&B, adult-contemporary and pop with a unique flair. Zach's new album, "Away at Sea," releases April 5th and features the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. It was produced by Nashville’s Kevin Ann Dye and weaves a poignant, elevated narrative that reflects on the past decade of his life. From grappling with the death of his father to navigating the end of long-term relationship, the album delves into themes of grief, love, and self-discovery. "Away at Sea" is a fearless exploration of sexual identity and expression, confronting spiritual violence, and ultimately embracing worthiness. Zach's original compositions were featured on PBS's "The Thread Project” and Zach has also lent his voice to national commercials for Subway Restaurants and Scion Vehicles.

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