The Live Music Capital of the World® has a long and storied history - interwoven with the many diverse cultures that have resided in Central Texas for generations. Click on each genre below to learn more about Austin's music scene, get to know the bands and musicians who have poured their souls into the city, and experience the timeless story of Austin music.

Blues & Soul Music

Austin’s blues and soul music history can be traced back to the early 1900s, and many big names can still be found on stages around the city nightly. Learn more about the history, artists and venues for blues and soul music.

Country Music

Home to legendary country music artists and monumental music venues, Austin's country music scene continues to forge a unique path. Learn more about the history, artists and venues for country music.

Electronic & Dance Music

Out of the Austin punk scene of the 1970s came new electronic post-punk genres, beginning an unstoppable era of synth-infused new wave. Learn more about the history, artists and venues for electronic and dance music in Austin.

Folk Music

You can find a wide range of folk music styles, from Americana and gospel to bluegrass and polka, at biergartens and dancehalls throughout Austin. Learn more about the history, artists and venues for folk music in Austin.

Hip Hop & R&B Music

Hip hop culture hit Austin like a tidal wave beginning in the late 1970s and early '80s, with rappers and hip hop crews forging a path that continues to push boundaries today. Learn more about hip hop and R&B in Austin.

Indie & Rock Music

Austin’s famous indie rock scene stretches back to the hey-day of psychedelic rock. Today, the city abounds in rock clubs catering to indie artists and the DIY-spirited punk scene. Learn more about indie and rock music in Austin.

Jazz Music

Austin's jazz history stretches back to the 1920s, when Austin hosted stops on the Chitlin' Circuit. Today, basement bars and listening rooms host local and visiting jazz legends. Learn more about jazz music in Austin.

Pop Music

Local pop music reflects the city’s love of crossing boundaries and creating a wonderful and playful fusion of sounds. Over the years, the city has become known for its fusion of music genres that make it so distinctly Austin.

Tejano & Latin Music

Austin's Latin music community is expansive and the list of important names in its history seems endless, stretching back to the turn-of-the-20th century. Learn more about Tejano & Latin music in Austin.

World Music

The music that built the Live Music Capital of the World's reputation was borrowed from immigrant cultures that originated from all over the world. Learn more about the history, artists and venues for world music in Austin.