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    It started very hush-hush. In 1842, Governor Sam Houston ordered the secret removal of the Texas Republic archives to safekeeping in Washington-on-the-Brazos. Fearing that symbols of the national government were being removed from the city, Austinite and local legend Angelina Belle Eberly fired a six-pound cannon into the General Land Office Building. It was Belle’s cannonfire that alerted the town to this act of theft, and the conflict that followed became known as the Texas Archive War. With Belle’s spirit, Austin stayed preserved as the Texas capital and keeper of the archives. Like Belle, we believe in taking risks. For us, that’s manifested in a menu that both preserves and subverts Texas’s culinary culture. Think comfort food that selectively (and artistically) breaks the rules. Here, you’ll find kombucha on-tap, clean greens, and fresh-squeezed juice—but you’ll also find a carbs bar. With short ribs and a granola lab under the same roof, we don’t identify with predictability. And we never will. We’re dedicated to serving our local and global community every day through inspired food, inspired space, and inspired service

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