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    Izzy Gesell is an organizational alchemist who helps individuals and organizations transform their thinking from commonplace to extraordinary. Through his keynotes, trainings, coaching and facilitated sessions, Izzy offers imaginative, intuitive and immediately useful insights and programs. He is skilled at delivering meaningful material in a way that makes participants enjoy their time with him. Keynotes & Breakout Sessions- Engaging, enlightening,interactive immediately applicable programs. Expertise in showing how Improv Theater skills and humor affect leadership, teaming, innovation, communication, self-awareness and risk tolerance. Group Facilitation- Experienced at designing, developing & delivering processes to help groups navigate around issues that keep them from achieving their highest outcomes. Areas include strategic planning, executive retreats, teambuilding, cross-generational dialogue. creative process. Speech & Presentation Coaching- Designing interesting & efffective keynote sppeches; adding humor to presentations; dealin g with stage fright; platform skills; adding interwactivty to training & speeches.

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