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Convention Services

JellyBooth LLC

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  • Austin, TX 78701
  • Tel: (972) 765-6467

Jelly Booth is a modern photo booth with sleek features that allow for a creative and personalized experience. Utilizing high tech capabilities, each photo is presented in it’s highest quality with professional lighting and state of the art camera technology. The overall streamline aesthetic of Jelly Booth allows for easy integration into your stylish event. FEATURES Gifs, Boomerangs, Stills Touch Interface: Immediate access to your pictures with email and text capabilities. Personalization: Work closely with our creative team to construct the perfect experience for you and your guests. With many sophisticated options, each event will be unique and engaging. Interactive Background: With choosing the Green Screen feature, your event can include a customizable realm which includes brand integration, endless cache of virtual props, and delightful backdrops.