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    “LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP” with Lieutenant General Jefferson Howell, USMC [ret] Lieutenant General JD ‘Beak’ Howell is a distinguished combat veteran, a fighter pilot, and the former Johnson Space Center Director. Even though he has a resume that’s literally out of the world, General Howell still manages to be completely down-to-earth and totally relatable to audiences of all kinds and sizes. That’s because General Howell’s presentations weave together riveting stories from his experiences as director of the Johnson Space Center the day the Columbia went down, the lessons he learned leading over 80,000 Marines and Sailors during his distinguished Marine Corps career and his experiences as a senior leader to the public and private sectors. His lessons are inspirational, actionable and deeply meaningful for his audiences. Whether delivering a keynote address or a leadership class he has a knack for totally connecting with his listeners and inspiring them to be better leaders and teammates.

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