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Out of the Box

  • 911 W. Anderson Lane
  • #116
  • Austin, TX 78757
  • Tel: (646) 404-4010

Puzzles One clue. One objective. That’s all you’ll have to go off of as you begin your one-hour, customized mission. This is an immersive adventure unlike any puzzle you’ve ever experienced. Set in Rooms Through clever use of dramatic lighting, carefully curated props and motorized robotics, the Out of the Box puzzle complex is designed to blur the lines between illusion and reality. You never know what will be lurking around the next corner… Filled with Actors The beguiling cast of professionally-trained actors is the linchpin that truly brings your puzzle to life. Armed with an impressive arsenal of riddles, back-stories and cryptic clues, these characters are so enticing that, before you know it, you may find yourself playing along with them