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Convention Services

Ryan Ashley Knowles

  • 422 Guadalupe
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • Tel: (415) 999-9058

Untouched Poetry is a simple and uniquely beautiful performance art where I construct original on demand poetry within minutes about anyone or anything using my vintage typewriter. The poem is always original, unique, and yours to keep. The result is a personalized and engaging entertainment that leaves you with keepsake to bookmark the experience. I always come equipped with all my gear as I only take up 2 square feet of space, and I like to play the part wearing my best poets outfit which usually consist of suspenders. Currently I am a publicly typing poetry every weekend at the SFC downtown farmers market on Saturday mornings from 10am - 2pm, and Sunday mornings HOPE farmers market at 5th and Comal in Austin's east from 11am-3pm.