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    Sirenalia Mermaids are world-class performers, beautiful and professional, and have experience mermaiding all over the world! They have performed for films, resorts, private parties, aquariums, and they are guaranteed to improve the ambience at any party. We offer three types of Live Mermaid shows: Swimming in your pool: Sirenalia mermaids are the most incredible additions to any party! They’ve performed poolside at resorts, casinos, private parties, and aquariums! They’ll hang out with you & your guests and they are happy to pose for pictures! Swimming in our tank: Have tank, will travel! Sirenalia brings mystical ambiance to your event with their moveable 10x3x3 mermaid aquarium! Any venue or location can exhibit a mermaid! Dry: Landlocked but still want to party? No problem! Our mermaids have been bartenders and eye candy for tons of indoor and outdoor gigs that needed a little otherworldly glamour. They have extensive experience as performance artists and are more than comfortable with a crowd. • We offer high quality and affordable underwater photography as an add on to any mermaid booking! The photographers of Flashpool Productions are available for both dry and underwater photo-booths so your guests can verify their brush with the supernatural! • Each of these shows come with a mermaid assistant to help carry the mermaids around and to run their errands. Mer-handlers are more than just attractive muscle, they’re also there to answer any questions your attendees may have about the mermaids! • Sirenalia mermaids love performing at weddings, festivals, corporate events, environmental events, and more! They’re also available (and experienced with) film production. • Would you like the mermaids to add a level of magical interaction with your guests? Sirenalia mermaids are skilled with face paint and waterproof glitter! • To book Sirenalia Mermaids contact Roggie Baer at 512 554 4004 or roggie@rajiworld.com

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