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    SPUN Ice Cream is a locally grown ice cream shop cofounded by two sisters from Austin. The East Austin shop specializes in seasonal ice creams, spun to order using liquid nitrogen and mostly organic or local ingredients. All of SPUN’s handcrafted flavors and “pairings” are created in house by Chef Christina Cheng. Customers can watch base ingredients – including fresh milk from nearby Liberty Dairy Farms – transform from liquid to scoop in minutes. Faster than traditional freezing techniques, liquid nitrogen produces smaller, more condensed ice crystals and thus an intense purity of flavor and the creamiest, smoothest frozen treats science has to offer. A craft ice cream experience from top to bottom, SPUN offers a rotating menu of house-made original pairings, such as Texas peanut brittle, salted chocolate shell, citrus confetti, pickled jalapeño glass, and brown butter powder.

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