Freeman is the world’s leading brand experience company. We help our clients design and deliver immersive live experiences for their most important audiences. Through comprehensive offerings including strategy, creative, digital, event technology, and logistics, Freeman helps increase audience engagement and drive business results. What makes us different is our collaborative culture, intuitive knowledge, global perspective, and personalized approach, which we’ve gained from over 90 years as an industry leader. 

Founded in the 1920’s, Freeman has been dedicated to helping businesses create impactful experiences — from expositions and conventions to corporate events and exhibits — to build and grow stronger relationships with customers. As a result of focus on growth, innovated culture, a strategic acquisitions funnel and a transition to the digital age, today’s Freeman is a global provider of brand experiences, delivering services and expertise that are unmatched in the industry.

Beyond world-class creative, innovative technology, insightful strategy and category-leading logistics, we provide exceptional value. When it comes to customer needs, we approach every booth, every show, and every audience member with unparalleled levels of personalization and customization. When it comes to customer wants, we’ve continually strengthened our capabilities to ensure every need is met — including exhibit design, transportation, audiovisual, and electrical services. And when it comes to customer expectations of us, we offer unmatched levels of customer service.