Daybird Local Music Series

Daybird Local Music Series, a first year effort, aims to promote and create live music experiences during earlier hours for visitors and locals alike! Catch some of the best sounds the city has to offer at these great music venues between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. every Saturday in June. All ages are welcome.


June 3
Cedar Street CourtyardJonny Gray / Brennen Leigh 
SpeakeasyMalia Grace / Dave Scher
Austin Visitor Center: The Ascots / Kupira Marimba Trio
3TEN ACL Live presented by Austin Eastciders: Os Alquimistas/ Jai Malano

June 10
Cedar Street Courtyard: Jeremy McBee / Graham Weber
Speakeasy: Ben Cina / Ruby Jane 
Visitor Center: Scrapelli / Cats and the Canary
3TEN ACL Live presented by Austin Eastciders: A. Sinclair

June 17
Cedar Street Courtyard: Graham Wilkinson / Suzanna Choffel
Speakeasy: American Dreamer / Akina Adderley
Visitor Center: D-Soul Davis / SaulPaul 
3TEN ACL Live presented by Austin Eastciders: Jonathan Terrell / Carson McHone
Antones: Brad Stivers / Alan Hayes

June 24
Cedar Street Courtyard: Shawn Pander / David Messier
Speakeasy: Aaron Stephens / Golden Hour Quartet
Visitor Center: Texasssippi two / Corey Baum
3TEN ACL Live presented by Austin Eastciders: Star Parks / The Belle Sounds
Antones: ​Austin School of Music Rock Camp