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Erin Slade
Allens Boots

Erin Slade

Erin Slade is the head of operations for Allens Boots Center Inc. and has been in Austin for 14 years. Erin is a native Texan relocating to Austin after growing up in Houston. She has been a member of the hospitality industry for 10 years and all 10 have been dedicated to Allens Boots… she even met her husband at Allens and they’ve been married for seven and a half years. What she loves most about her job is the relationships she’s developed over the years and seeing familiar faces in the store. “They’re like family!”

“At Allens, I’m most proud to represent not only being part of Austin history but Texas history and reminding people that western is fashion. I own more than 30 pairs of boots."

Photographed at Allens Boots.