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LaGina Harris
Oilcan Harry's
LaGina Harris

LaGina Harris is a military brat from San Angelo who moved to Austin nine years ago and is currently the head bartender at Oilcan Harry’s. While studying and playing Division 2 softball at Stillman College, LaGina worked for the Boys & Girls Club. She applied for a job with them in Austin and has been enjoying life in Texas ever since. She loves traveling, has a Master’s Degree in higher education and most recently was named the event coordinator for the Texas International Food & Wine Roundup. She believes Austin is a city full of life and things to do and is humbled to be a part of “The Austin Experience.”

“I love the friendships that I made. I’ve met people from all around the country and around the world. People bring their family members in to meet us or just come in to say ‘hi’ and talk about things going on their life. Just recently some guys from another country on holiday came and had a list of things to do and ‘visiting Gina’ was on it! That type of stuff blows my mind and it is really humbling.”

Photographed at Oilcan Harry's in the Warehouse District.