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Austin BBQ 

Austin's culinary reputation just keeps getting better. When it comes to Texas barbecue, everyone seems to have their preferred pit master and brisket or rib go-to. We invite you to log some time, do the research and find your favorite. Here are some local faves to get you started.

6 great places to eat BBQ in Austin:

Lambert's Downtown Barbecue
Lambert's menu spins modern interpretations on Texas cuisine. The smell it before you see it bar-restaurant-live-music-venue serves up fancy barbecue like cold smoked quail and bacon braised greens, along with wood grilled steaks, chops and seafood. Side yours with their green chili cheese grits or fried okra with spicy remoulade.

Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew
Situated in the art deco 1950s Violet Crown Shopping Center (you might recognize it from the 1990s film "Dazed and Confused"), Stiles Switch is named after the historic 1800s I. & G. N. railroad stop. Sip Austin craft brews, try their beef chuck ribs with classic sides like potato salad, corn casserole and peach cobbler with Blue Bell ice cream, while taking in the nostalgic ambiance.

The County Line
Boasting two Austin locations - The County Line On The Lake and County Line On The Hill - this Texas institution is dedicated to high-quality smoked ribs, brisket, sausage and chicken served with traditional sides of coleslaw, potato salad and beans. County Line is all about large portions and reasonable prices.

La Barbecue
La Barbecue masters cook world-class beef, pork, turkey and sausage in a custom fabricated smoker using local, perfectly seasoned post oak. Sample their El Sancho sandwich - pulled pork or chopped brisket on top of house made sausage with red onion slaw - and see why they're taking rank among the upper echelons of the barbecue world.

Franklin Barbecue
The owners of Franklin Barbecue are greeted daily by throngs of ravenous brisket addicts. Come early to this lick-your-fingers-favorite, before they pull out the "Sorry, Sold Out! Come Back Soon" sign on the door. One taste and you'll agree with Bon Appétit magazine and loyal locals that tout Franklin as the best.

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