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In April 2022, WalletHub ranked Austin #11 on its list of the Best Large Cities to Start a Business. Austin’s melding of tech with its unique creative culture adds up to a healthy environment for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Companies setting up shop in Austin enjoy low operating costs, access to a high-quality workforce and a fun, affordable lifestyle that aids in recruitment and retainment. In fact, Austin boasts the seventh-largest pool of tech talent in the U.S. Austin’s Capital Factory boosts the city’s start-up scene by connecting Texas tech entrepreneurs with investors, employees and customers. It also holds well-attended events and workshops in its co-working space, located in the heart of downtown.

Business Spotlight: Austin Venture Association

In October 2021, the nonprofit Austin Venture Association was formed to help bring the start-up investor community together by establishing an organization focused on educational and professional development, organizing and amplifying the local greater venture community, and delivering more and better start-up support to the region. 

Massive shifts and growth have occurred in the venture capital space during recent years. Part of those trends involve more venture capitalists moving to Austin or establishing a presence here. In 2021, Austin broke yet another record by attracting over $5 billion in venture capital to start-ups in the city.

The Austin Venture Association represents a fast-growing greater venture community of over 150 organizations, including venture capital firms, accelerators, incubators, family offices, corporates, start-up studios, angel networks/funds, LPs, growth and private equity. A variety of programming that the Association is launching focuses on job opportunities, mentorship, thought leadership, deal flow, curated events exclusive to selected networks, and other efforts in career growth.

A few early founding partners and supporters of the Austin Venture Association include Brex, TriNet, Cooley, EarlyGrowth, Cherry Bekaert, CBRE, Silicon Valley Bank, Astrella, SR Group|Compass and more.


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