With nearly 300 sunny days each year, Austin locals and visitors alike spend plenty of time outdoors. And it's no wonder. The winters are temperate. The summers are, well, a little toasty. And the spring and fall offer up the perfect balance of bright blue sky and mild temperatures.

Take advantage of our pleasant weather. Catch an outdoor live music show, run around the trails, head to the lake or just sit back on a patio and enjoy a cool drink. In other words, do what the locals do.

Austin's Climate

  • Normal average daily temperature: 70°F (21.1°C)
  • Warmest month: August
  • Coldest month: January

Source: National Weather Service 2023

Winter in Austin

Thanks to the city’s temperate weather, during the wintertime you’ll find plenty to do in Austin both indoors and out. Texas winters can be finicky, so just remember to pack and dress in layers. You may need that coat in the morning, but you could be jacket-free by mid-day! During the winter, you can hike along forest trails, explore our world class museums, ice skate at the Whole Foods flagship store, catch a film festival and dine outdoors on a heated patio.

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Spring in Austin

While much of the country is still thawing out from winter's chill, sunny and mild spring weather makes its way to Austin, making this the perfect time of year to explore our great outdoors. From picnics in the park to scenic swimming holes and outdoor events, you’ll find that our town knows how to make the most of this sunshine season. As the warm weather arrives and the calendars fill up with festivals, you'll find that many Austinites like to spend their spring evenings on a nice patio with a cool refreshment and a little local entertainment.

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Summer in Austin

Summertime in the Live Music Capital of the World® means warm nights, bright lights and live concerts. There's no lack of summer fun for friends, families and solo adventurers. Summer entertainment in Austin provides you with water, music, nature, eats, drinks and many more exciting things to do (just be sure to bring the sun screen and sunglasses!). You'll want to dress for the weather, which might even mean you're in your swimsuit all day long while you hop from swimming hole to swimming hole. 

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Fall in Austin

Autumn in Austin means opening the windows and enjoying the fresh air, soaking in the oh-so-comfy temperatures in between the heat of summer and chill of winter, and indulging in beloved seasonal festivities. The cooler fall weather also makes Austin a great place to enjoy time outdoors, from hiking in the Hill Country or taking advantage of cycling trails for all levels, to enjoying a music festival and spending an afternoon on the patio at your new favorite brewery.

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Summer Safety Tips

If you're visiting Austin during the summer, stay safe and beat the heat. Take shade breaks, stay hydrated, wear loose-fitting clothing, and always look before you lock. Never leave a child or pet in a hot vehicle. And if you're spending time near pools or bodies of water, swim only in designated areas, have safety equipment ready, and designate a sober swimmer & spotter. For more tips on staying cool in Austin, visit

Average Weather

JAN 52.2 62.5 41.8 7.6
FEB 56.1 66.5 45.8 7.7
MAR 62.8 73.3 52.2 8.9
APR 69.6 80.3 58.9 7.1
MAY 76.8 86.9 66.8 8.9
JUN 83 93.2 72.9 7.4
JUL 85.5 96.6 75 4.9
AUG 86.5 97.8 75.1 4.8
SEP 89.8 91.4 70.1 7.1
OCT 71.6 82.5 60.8 7
NOV 61 71.5 50.5 6.9
DEC 53.6 63.9 43.4 7.5

Source: National Weather Service 2023