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    By day, Community Garden is a cafe serving acai bowls, with grain-free granola or coconut water and other spices and ingredients. There are four base options: a cherry/pineapple; a strawberry/banana; pineapple/banana/mango/blue spirulina; dragon fruit/mango/pineapple. As a finishing touch, each of the bowls is served and plated as a smiling face. There are also drink options including cold brew, kombucha, iced matcha, black tea, Olliepop soda, and sparkling water.

    And then at around 4 p.m., the cafe turns into a wine bar. Bottles include red, white, orange, and sparkling from the Hill Country, Spain, France, and Chile, There are also beers, including a good showing of local breweries like Austin Beerworks and Blue Owl Brewery. For food, there are snacks like tinned fish with crackers and pickles, an olive plate, a pickle plate, and mixed nuts.

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