Austin is home to many unique terrains, all within 30 minutes of downtown. From including lakes to farmland to hill country, it's all there. When the City of Austin isn't playing itself, our modern downtown has doubled for a handful of other cities including New York City and Chicago. If you want something a little different from Austin's mid-century to modern neighborhoods, have a look at the small towns that surround Austin. These towns that time has forgotten offer up the perfect amount of Americana for filming period piece.

The ReelScout Locations Hub is an online photo directory of local locations to give you an idea of what Austin has to offer. The Austin Film Commission does not represent any of the locations - we can't set rates, availability or grant access - the gallery is to give filmmakers a reference of the potential locations that can be found in the Austin area.

Locations Hub Gallery

Films, television shows, commercials, music videos and still photo shoots are always looking for the perfect location for their production. The Austin Film Commission keeps a digital library of local locations for potential use in productions. Many local residences and businesses have been featured in past productions, you can list yours to be the star of a future project.

We welcome your property for inclusion in the Austin Film Commissions digital library of location. Before you proceed in uploading your location photos we ask that you read the Property Submission: Rules & Requirements to make sure your property meets the regulations to list in the location database. Also included is a guide to make sure your photos are formatted to best market your property to film productions. All uploaded properties will be kept in our internal database for inquiring productions as well as feed to the public Locations Hub Gallery above unless requested otherwise.

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