Austin Film Commission

Austin is a leading destination for film, television & commercial production.

Austin has been a production hub for since the 1970s with a local, experienced crew base. Austin crews have the technical expertise to always bring the production in on time, on budget and exactly the way the director envisioned. From Production Assistants to Producers, find the local crew you need in the Austin Film Commission Production Directory.

Austin is home to many unique terrains—from lakes to farmland to hill country—all within 45 minutes of downtown! When Austin isn't playing itself, our modern downtown has doubled for New York City and Chicago. Nothing is too far apart, so company moves are cost effective: film in one of Austin's mid-century neighborhoods in the morning and on to one of the many Americana small towns that surround Austin in the afternoon. Looking for a specific location? Give us a call, we have over 1,000 properties on-file!

Free Permitting for City of Austin Parks and City of Austin Right of Way (streets and sidewalks). The only incurred cost to the production is production insurance and any use of police officers for closures (if necessary). Film permits are waived completely for private properties. The jurisdictions around Austin have had plenty of filming too, this is not their first rodeo and the permitting processes are in place for a film friendly experience.

Austin is home to 20 studio facilities providing small commercial spaces and large-scale soundstages. Most facilities are conveniently located close to downtown and ready to house your next shoot. Each complex offers a range of stage sizes, cyc walls, office spaces, support services and other amenities to meet your shooting needs. There are also a number of Post-Production facilities in Austin—so you can sound mix, color grade, add motion graphics and picture lock your production without leaving the city limits.

Austin-based rental houses can supply your production with the latest industry standard equipment. No need to pay expensive shipping fees when our local camera, grip and lighting vendors have everything you need in stock. Austin is also home to dolly, crane, trailer, honeywagon, picture car suppliers and more! Find the local vendors for your production needs in the Austin Film Commission Production Directory.

300 Days of sunshine and a mild winter means productions will rarely lose a day of filming due to weather. Need to film an allergy commercial with a green backdrop in January? No problem!

Austin offers cast and crew a great home away from home with premiere hotel accommodations. Austin has great culture with famous cuisine, live music, and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere - plus over 30 unique film festivals yearly! Austin-Bergstrom International Airport makes travel easy with direct flights to/from London, Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, Toronto, Mexico City and more!

Effective 06/03/2020, on-set/on-location media production may operate provided they can comply with state-recommended safety guidelines, as outlined in the Open Texas Checklist for Media Production.