Visit Locations From Iconic "Made in Austin" Films & TV Shows with the Austin Film Tourism Guide

Hundreds of films and television series have been produced in Austin over the past 50 years (check out our filmography). Many of these iconic productions captured the cultural zeitgeist of the time, including the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dazed and Confused, Office Space, Friday Night Lights and many more. Independent and Hollywood productions film in Austin, not only because of our stellar crews and friendly local lifestyle but also due to the diverse locations, all within a short distance. On screen, when Austin is not playing itself, the city has doubled as everything from New York City to Endora, Iowa. What was capture on film also represents Austin's history as the movies and TV shows captured the spirit and change in the city over the years.

Locations add character and aesthetic to a film or TV show, and these settings are what make so many iconic productions memorable. The best part? Many of these noteworthy locations are tangible places you can visit in real life. To help, we've put together the Austin Film Tourism Guide, featuring filming locations from your favorite movies and television series made in and around Austin. Plan your visit and experience the locations where your favorite scenes were filmed.