Thank you for your interest in listing your property in the Austin Film Commission’s ReelScout Location Database. Please read over the following rules and requirements prior to submitting photographs. 

Once you’ve reviewed, if you would like your Austin-area home, business, or property considered for filming, please upload digital photos via the “Submit Your Property” submission bottom on the Diverse Locations page. We will review your photos and, if approved, your property will be added to our publicly viewable ReelScout locations database.

Submitted locations will not be accepted if they do not meet the following rules:

  • You must be the actual owner of the property and/or have the authority to lease it for production.
  • Properties currently for sale will not be accepted. If drastically remodeling, please wait until work is complete before submitting photos.
  • If your property is part of an HOA or gated community, those entities must be in agreement with filming.
  • Production can be a great experience and also a nice source of additional income but please be aware of the impact of a film production. If you are not comfortable having a lot people and equipment on your property, hosting a film or television shoot might not be right for you. A small crew averages about 15-20 people. A larger production could have 50-100 people with cast and crew. Productions also have support vehicles and equipment that needs to be staged on-site or near-by.

Photos must meet the following requirements to list:

  • Provide a good photo overview of your property including interior or exterior shots.
  • Shoot WIDE and from multiple angles. Filmmakers want to be able to see everything in one photograph. We ask that you shoot wide shots, these are shots where you fit the most information with-in the frame. Please no close ups.
  • Concentrate on unique features and rooms of the property.
  • If photographing inside, please turn on lights to brighten and show all details.
  • Do not include photos taken in during bad weather situations like rain.
  • Staged photos highlighting people, pets or objects are not accepted.
  • Professional photos are not required but please note the following will not be accepted: No night photography. Photos that are too dark, old, or out of focus. Photos that are too small or low-resolution.
  • Make sure images are properly rotated before submission.
  • Do not submit video clips, screen captures, or brochures.
  • Please note in the submission guide if there are any areas that cannot be filmed under the "usage restriction" field.
  • Describe your property in the title (example: “Period East Austin Home” or “Downtown Loft”)
  • Feel free to add detail to the listing like: square footage, architectural style, year built, number of bedrooms as well as any special features.
  • We only accept digital photography. In order for your photos to upload correctly please follow the following formatting standards:

Digital Photo Format
1.) Photo files must be in the jpeg or png format.
2.) Photo files must not exceed 10 megabytes in size. 
3.) Files must be at least 1920x1080 in resolution.
4.) A maximum of 30 photos can be uploaded, pick the best property representations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have any other tips on photography?
Here is a great Photo Composition Guide which gives examples of the kinds of rules/techniques that will help you take great photographs.

How long until I hear from a production company?
We will pass along your photos to filmmakers upon request, they are also included in our public online database. But be aware that once your location photos are uploaded you will not be contacted unless a production is interested in your property. We do vet to make sure you are not spammed.

Production can ebb and flow, especially depending on location needs. Unfortunately we can never tell from production to production what kinds of locations are going to be needed. If a production is interested in using your property, a production company representative will contact you directly, this will likely be a location scout or a location manager. Location selection can be a long process with further reviews by the director and other crew before they move forward. Productions usually look at multiple locations to best match the look they are after and a property might be looked at but not picked. A property might also become a very popular film location.

How much should I charge someone to shoot on my property?
Our office does not advise on location fees. Fees really are based on impact, it varies from project to project—commercials, television episodes or a feature film aren’t all the same and have different budget levels and impact levels. In most cases, the production will make a specific offer based on budget and shooting requirements. You should never give your bank account information to someone who wants to wire you funds. Remember, it’s all negotiable.

Are productions insured?
All professional productions should carry liability insurance. We do not recommend working with a production that is not insured. Most film/TV productions will indemnify you on their policy. You should confirm that your location agreement covers this.

How can I verify that a location request or production is legitimate?
You are welcome to call our office, the Austin Film Commission at 512-583-7230 to verify a filmmaker, a production or request.

What does a location agreement look like?
The Volunteer Lawyers & Accountants for the Arts have a great reference example of a location agreement.