From major box office hits to cult classics, Austin has provided a spectacular landscape for filmmakers to bring their vision to life. Visitors have flocked to destinations featured in iconic locally made films like "Dazed and Confused" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." With over 50 years of production, there are many film tourism locations in the Austin area to experience including those seen in "Walker."


About "Walker"

"Walker" is a reboot of the 1993–2001 television series "Walker, Texas Ranger," with Austinite Jared Padalecki in the iconic role. Cordell Walker (Padalecki), a Texas Ranger and recently widowed father of two, returns home to Austin after being in deep cover and discovers there is much work to be done, both on the streets and at home. Along with his new partner Micki Ramirez (Lindsey Morgan), Walker is ready to take on the tough cases that come with the badge of the Texas Rangers.

Details: The CW / TV-PG / 45 minutes / Action, Drama
Director: Various
Cast: Jared Padalecki, Lindsey Morgan, Molly Hagan, Keegan Allen, Violet Brinson, Kale Culley, Coby Bell, Jeff Pierre, and Mitch Pileggi
Streaming On: @iTunes, @TheCW


Scene: Austin, Texas

Walker screengrab. The camera is looking north on the Congress Avenue Bridge towards the Texas Capitol building

More than most productions shot in Austin, the city plays a key roll in the hit CW series "Walker." Tons of Austin landmarks appear in the series, but there’s no denying this establishing shot of the Texas State Capitol Building as seen from Walker’s (Padalecki) truck, as he crosses over the Congress Avenue Bridge.

Location: Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. (300 S. Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701)

Scene: Food Truck Park on South Congress Avenue

Walker screengrab showing Walker and Micki eating in front of a brightly colored food truck on South Congress Avenue. A credit is in the left corner, reading Starring Jared Padalecki

In the first episode, Walker (Padalecki) and Micki (Morgan), his new partner in the Texas Rangers, have lunch at a food truck located near the Church On Congress Avenue. The location where this scene was filmed is home to the HeyCupcake! food truck.

Location: Food Truck Park on South Congress Avenue (100 Elizabeth St, Austin, TX 78704)

Scene: Duncan Park

Walker screengrab, showing Walker in a white cowboy hat and blue shirt and tie. He stands in front of a truck in Duncan Park. The city skyline is visible behind him

Walker (Padalecki) uses his tracking skills to find a horse that’s wandered into a downtown creek just off of Duncan Park in downtown Austin.

Location: Duncan Park (900 W 9th St, Austin, TX 78701)

Scene: House Park

Walker screengrab, showing Stella's high school soccer team practicing at House Park stadium

Walker's daughter Stella (Brinson) plays soccer for Sacred Heart High School and practices at the amazing House Park field, one of Austin’s premiere varsity sports facilities.

Location: House Park (1301 Shoal Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78701)

Scene: The Rhapsody Mosaic

Walker screengrab showing the Rhapsody mosaic in East Austin. The mosaic displays musicians playing brass instruments

Just before visiting the fictional Flores de Alma flower shop, there's an establishing shot of East Austin's colorful Rhapsody mosaic, a beautiful tribute to East Austin’s musical heritage.

Location: East Austin Rhapsody Mosaic (1021 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702)

Scene: Zilker Park

Walker screengrab showing Walker dreaming of his deceased wife as she runs to a gazebo at night, is in Zilker Park

Walker (Padalecki) dreams of better times when his wife was still alive. Genevieve Padalecki, Jared's wife, guest starred as Walker's wife. Filmed at the Polo Fields section of Zilker Park, this is a dream sequence in more than one way, as there is not actually a gazebo in the expansive park. Zilker Park is also the site of ACL Festival, which was one of the shooting locations for "Song To Song."

Location: Zilker Park (2207 Lou Neff Rd, Austin, TX 78746)

Scene: Sacred Heart High School

Walker screengrab showing walker talking with another man. They are walking away from the steps at the entrance of Sacred Heart High School

The fictional Sacred Heart High, where Stella (Brinson) attends school, is located at the Baker Business Center in Central Austin's Hyde Park neighborhood. The location has also played a high school on the series "Friday Night Lights."

Location: Baker Center (3908 Avenue B, Austin, TX 78751)

Scene: The Courthouse

Walker screengrab showing Walker walking out of a white stone courthouse

In multiple episodes, Walker (Padalecki) can be seen walking in and out of the Bastrop County Courthouse. This building is located in downtown Bastrop and was also featured heavily in the film "Bernie."

Location: Bastrop County Courthouse (804 Pecan St, Bastrop, TX 78602)

Scene: Green Thumb and Grace

Walker screengrab, showing walked walking through the inside of Green Thumb and Grace store with pottery on the shelves

Walker (Padalecki) and Micki (Morgan) visit the fictional Green Thumb and Grace store after tracing the plates on a company van that was spotted at the scene of a crime. This scene was filmed at East Austin ceramic supply shop Armadillo Clay.

Location: Armadillo Clay (3307 E Fourth St, Austin, TX 78702)

Scene: The Rodeo

Walker screengrab showing a woman in a blue dress leaning up against a metal fence at the empty Rodeo grounds

Many scenes in the fifth episode, "Duke," were filmed at Mayfest Park, home of the Bastrop Homecoming and Rodeo organization.

Location: Mayfest Park (25 American Legion Dr, Bastrop, TX 78602)

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