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    Emmer & Rye is a restaurant designed around the farmer’s haul. With a focus on seasonally inspired and local cuisine, we change the menu daily. Paying homage to the two grains in our name, we mill heritage grains for pastas, breads, and desserts. When it comes to meat, we source whole animals With a goal to maximize local ingredients we have an in-house fermentation program. This allows us to capture flavors at their peak to preserve them for the off season. When you visit the restaurant, take a peak in our larder to see vinegars, pickles, and brines bubbling away. There are two ways to dine with us. One is off the menu which offers small plates, pastas, larger entrees and desserts. As you dine, about 10 or so dishes will circulate the room on carts in a dim sum style service.

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    • Event maximum capacity (# ppl): 75