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    Directly from the clouds, Heart Water® never touches the ground. Offering the purest and most sustainable naturally filtered water on the planet. Purity & Taste Rainwater is 100% responsibly sourced, directly from the clouds, meaning it never touches the ground. Groundwater absorbs harmful pharmaceuticals, trace elements of lead, arsenic and many alarming elements that are not fully removed by common purification techniques, such as reverse osmosis and chemical treatments. Nearly 64% of bottled water sold in the U.S. is actually filtered tap water. At Heart Water, we pride ourselves on the quality and purity of our rainwater. Sustainability Rainwater is naturally the most sustainable source of water on the planet because, when captured properly, it is infinitely renewable. Not only is our water delicious, our rainwater collection process is saving the depleting water resources our world depends on. Most bottled water is just filtered tap water, polluted spring water, or contaminated sources that are full of chemicals. Our 2 acre collection facility can bottle 450,000 16oz bottles from just 1 inch of sustained rainfall making Heart Water the worlds best bottled water.

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