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    Kuhdoo Soap Co. is an Austin based natural soap company! A variety of handcrafted bar soaps, liquid soaps, and a shave soap are crafted in the Kuhdoo Kitchen, which is really just our kitchen at home. We are a true Mom & Pop shop. Making soap is still a family affair, just on a whole different scale these days. As we began making soap in 2012, we had an overwhelming response to our natural handcrafted product. Before we knew it, we were selling soap faster than we could make it! As life threw curve balls of a new baby on the way and a lay off from "Corporate America," we decided to really make a go of it selling soap. Kuhdoo Soap Co., pronounced Kuh-doo, comes from the spirit of a we can do (foo) it attitude. We are so thankful to get to share our joy and our soap with our customers through Kuhdoo. Because we love what we do, every bar we make is full of love and gratitude.

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