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    Have a blast with our one-on-one in person workshops perfect for corporate team building and team bonding activities! 

    What Your Team Can Expect:

    1. Unleash Creativity: Your team members will have the chance to express their creativity by crafting personalized succulent arrangements. From selecting succulents to arranging them in stylish containers, each step allows for individual expression.

    2. Team Bonding: My workshop encourages collaboration as team members share ideas, materials, and insights. Creating something beautiful together fosters a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the workshop.

    3. Wellness and Stress Relief: Succulent arrangements aren't just visually pleasing – they're known for their stress-relieving properties. Your team will enjoy a calming and therapeutic experience during this mindful activity.

    4. Take-Home Masterpieces: Each participant will leave with their personally crafted succulent arrangement, serving as a lasting reminder of the team-building experience.

    Arrangement Rentals

    Are you planning a meeting or event in Austin and envisioning stunning greenery and florals to elevate your decor? Look no further! The Blue Ghost Plant Co. specializes in providing exquisite rental options that will leave your guests enchanted. 

    From breathtaking succulent centerpieces to charming takeaway planters that serve as timeless souvenirs, we cater to all your event decor needs. Our team ensures seamless setup and pickup at your convenience, and we are delighted to accommodate any unique requests you may have.

    Not only will your event shine with our lush arrangements, but you'll also contribute to sustainability efforts. Our succulents are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. They regrow and thrive, meaning your floral rentals won't end up discarded but rather repurposed into new living arrangements. Embrace elegance while making a positive impact with The Blue Ghost Plant Co.

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