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    West Sixth is approachable. It’s easy. It’s diverse. It’s your backyard. It’s your living room away from home. It’s the dark bar where you never need be alone. It’s the historic eatery that is home to Austin’s first kegs. It’s a simple, classic Italian-American tribute to Sinatra and Mama. It’s your bakery. It’s It’s your dance floor. It’s where you drown your sorrows and cheers with friends. It’s where you come for a friendly face. From whiskey lounges to dive bars, sports bars to backyard hangouts, fine dining to iconic Austin eateries, music venues to patio lounges – West Sixth has a spot for everyone. It’s a place to end your day and start your night. It’s where you can explore local brews, craft cocktails, live music and local cuisine without pretense. It’s service with Texas charm. It’s where locals planted their roots and their livelihood. It’s West Sixth.

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