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    We know things are a little bit different this year, but we’re no less excited to bring to you the best genre films from every corner of this big blue ball we call home. You’ve been asking for it and now we can finally share with you the schedule for this year’s bonkers good lineup!

    One thing to note, there are a handful of titles that are showing on 2 screens. We've noted which screen is the "main house" for each of these titles. Main House means if there are filmmakers or cast/crew in attendance for that film, THAT is the auditorium they will be in. The other auditorium will see the intro and Q&A (if there is one) over simulcast. If you've been to the fest before this is the same system we use every year to stream the intro and Q&A into the second auditorium.

    With that said, feast your eyes on 8 days of mind-bending cinema!

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