Wondering where the Black LGBT folks go in Austin?

The city is filled with so many things to do, and there’s a little something for everyone – if not, it’s the perfect place to create it! Take, for instance, Austin Black Pride. Austin is quite the queer-friendly city, with the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce reporting over 100,000 LGBT residents. Austin Black Pride was founded to mix a little bit of brown sugar, and spice into the LGBT scene.

Annual Boat Party on Lake Travis for Austin Black Pride

Austin Black Pride was created to organize a week-long celebration of events that catered to the black LGBT community. This year's Austin Black Pride celebration takes place June 7-10, with events ranging from live music and visual arts exhibitions to panels, and the annual Boat Party on Lake Travis.

However, the one-week long celebration wasn’t enough, so we soon expanded the annual week of events by adding quarterly events, then monthly, now we’re working with partners to bring Austin a steady flow of consistent events. Today, Austin Black Pride curates everything from art shows and panels to testing events that appeal to the underserved black queer and trans communities.

Men posing for a photo at an event for Austin Black Pride

Black LGBT visitors often ask us where they should hang out in Austin. While it’s hard to say what will be going on specific to the black LGBT community, we do have a few local faves! Here are some of our nightlife go-tos on any given night:

The Pregame
Fun spots to grab cheap drinks before pulling an all-nighter.  

  • The Side Bar 602 E. Seventh St. (Red River)
  • Moloko Bar 1812 E. 12th St. (East Austin)
  • Kona Grill 11410 Century Oaks Terrace (North)

The Party Districts
Austin's club scene is never static - head to one of these entertainment districts and spend a night hopping from bar to bar.

Hookah Lounges
Laid back spots great for social congregations that go well into the night.

Late Night Eats
Places to eat after midnight, because you deserve it.

If you have questions about black LGBT-specific events, reach out to Austin Black Pride on Facebook or Instagram at @ATXBlackPride! Or visit us at www.austinblackpride.org

Contributed by Austin Black Pride. Photos courtesy of Austin Black Pride.