Feel like you’re forever glued to your phone, computer, tablet and smartwatch? We live in an increasingly digital world that demands our constant attention, but it doesn’t have to put a drain on your physical and emotional well-being. Taking a digital detox (spending time away from your screens and digital devices) is an excellent way to hit reset and take a much-needed break from your life online to get back to what matters most. Let’s dive into the benefits of taking a digital detox and how you can explore one where wellness meets the water at Lake Austin Spa Resort.

Woman in robe sitting in rocking chair on screened patio at Lake Austin Spa Resort

Benefits of a Digital Detox

Taking time away from your devices is proven to decrease feelings of depression and anxiety. A lot of the time we spend online can be used to compare ourselves against others, leading to unhealthy changes in appetite, sleep patterns and how we interact socially in real life. Studies have noted the presence of “dopamine loops,” a reliance on quick feel-good moments that don’t last long and create a cycle of instant gratification. These loops are difficult to replicate in our offline lives, so it can take a concerted effort to break the cycle. One recommendation is to install app timers. Once you’ve maxed out your time, you won’t be able to access the app until the next day.

By now, you’ve probably heard of “blue light” as it relates to our digital devices. Research shows this harsh light suppresses the hormone melatonin, leaving us more alert and awake when we should be winding down for the night. Choosing a time earlier in the evening to put your device away and leaving it in a room other than your bedroom to charge for the night can be a good way to curb those late-night scrolling sessions and regulate your sleep cycle. 

And when it comes to finding that sweet spot of being really productive? Digital devices are a big offender for pulling your focus away from the task at hand. Think about the notifications you really need during the day and turn off push notifications for the ones you don’t—all of your Insta likes and Facebook comments will still be there when you open the app later on.

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Do Your Digital Detox at Lake Austin Spa Resort

When it comes to disconnecting from your digital life, there’s no better place than Lake Austin Spa Resort. Tucked in the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country, it’s easy to leave online distractions at the door and focus on finding your center, your inner calm and your true passions. 

When you arrive, we encourage you to take photos and share your experiences but ask that your phones be set to silent for the duration of your stay, and that you ask permission before taking photos or videos of our classes and programs. We want you to be in the moment, not online. If you really want to unplug, each of our rooms includes a satchel to store your phone while you’re here with us.

Garden Tomato and Watermelon Salad with nuts basil and feta cheese from Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin Texas

Get Creative

Explore your creative side with unique, hands-on classes that engage your senses. Savor local flavors with a cooking demonstration led by Executive Chef Stephane Beauchamp (or one of our guest chefs that often pop in for a visit), or get your hands engaged in something other than typing and swiping with our Gratitude Bracelet class. By creating your bracelet, you strengthen the connectivity between the brain’s left and right hemispheres, boosting psychological resilience and productivity. We also offer watercolor classes with accomplished artists on some Tuesday nights—no experience required, just a desire to be calm and create.

Sunset Hill Country Hiking over Lake Austin at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin Texas

Get Active

Each minute you spend engaged in physical activity is one you won’t spend in front of a device. We suggest hitting the lake for aquatic activities that bring you closer to nature and further from your phone. Take it easy with our pedal kayaks and pedalboards, or turn up the intensity and excitement with our newest adventure on the water—wake surfing. 

We’ve got you covered when it comes to more traditional fitness, too. Our seasoned team of instructors will help you explore new workouts and equipment, and get you on track for healthy habits at home. Want to explore even more of our inspiring activities and events? Check out our calendar. 

Five people doing side plank pose at Pool Barn Yoga Class at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin Texas

Get Centered

Our digital devices can leave us feeling pulled in a million directions, so it’s important to take time to find your center and focus on your own inner journey. Our Inspiration & Integrative Wellness sessions with renowned specialist Julie Haber will have you looking inward and reflecting on the relationships in your life to help along the path to meaningful personal fulfillment. Pair our Inspired Wellness session with a little yoga by the lake and those digital distractions will be a distant memory.

Lake Austin Spa Resort Garden and walking trails at Sunrise in Austin Texas

Get Away

When you’re here at Lake Austin Spa Resort, we really want you to get away in every sense of the word. Take a morning stroll with a hot drink as fog lifts off the lake and the sun rises over tree-clad hills. Explore our garden where we grow our own ingredients and beautiful monarch butterflies flit by. Set out on a hike and let the sounds of nature be the soundtrack to your morning. 

Woman receives massage in Outdoor Treatment Space at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin Texas

Get Refreshed

Pair your digital detox with a physical one! At The Lakehouse Spa, we’ve got a menu of over 100 treatments designed to detox and deliver a refreshing, renewing experience. Try our Espresso Fresco Scrub, Magnesium Recovery Massage, LakeHouse Signature Facial and more. 

Ready to begin your own digital detox? Explore our offers and packages to find the perfect experience where wellness meets the water at Lake Austin Spa Resort.

Photos and article contributed by Lake Austin Spa Resort.