LGBTQ+ Sports in Austin

Austin is proud to host and be a home to a number of LGBTQ+ sports organizations that reflect the open, inclusive and diverse nature of our city. These great organizations and events offer an inclusive environment for the local LGBTQ+ community and continue to grow their reach year-by-year.

Austin’s LGBTQ+ scene has it all. Check out our Guide to LGBTQ+ Austin to learn more.

Austin LGBTQ+ Sporting Organizations & Leagues

Austin Front Runners 
Austin Front Runners is an LGBTQ+ running group open to all fitness levels from walkers to experienced marathoners, welcoming all for a run around Lady Bird Lake. The focus of the club is to bring runners together to support one another and network within our community. 

Austin Gay Basketball League
The Austin Gay Basketball League (AGBL) was founded in February 2010 and is Austin's first and only gay-affiliated basketball league; and at the time was the only gay-affiliated league in the state of Texas. AGBL’s mission is to offer the Central Texas LGBTQ+ community and our straight allies the opportunity to experience and enjoy recreational basketball in a competitive, inclusive, and affirming environment.

Austin Gay Flag Football League 
The ATXGFL is a new football league in Austin that shares the goals and vision of the NGFFL seeking to foster and grow the self-respect of all LGBTQ+  persons while promoting respect and understanding from the larger community. It is a fundamental principle of ATXGFL that all activities be inclusive in nature and that no individual be excluded from participating.

Austin Goldstars Soccer Club 
The Austin Goldstars Soccer Club is a predominantly gay non-profit organization that provides people an opportunity to play and learn soccer in a positive and friendly environment. No one shall be discriminated against on the basis of age, race, sex, color, religion, national origin, handicapping condition, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Austin Pride Bowling League
Formerly known as the Austin Gamblers, the Austin Pride Bowling League has been the city’s LGBTQ bowling league for over thirty years. Since 1986, the league has worked to promote a sense of community while providing a great social and sporty outlet for those that participate.

Austin Power Gay Soccer Club
Austin Power Gay Soccer Club is a diverse soccer club of LGBT and straight ally friendly players who just want to play (or learn to play) soccer. Thus, an open mind with an attitude towards fun rather than simply winning is essential while keeping in mind the core values of R.I.S.C. - Respect. Improvement. Sportsmanship. Camaraderie. 

Austin Tennis Club 
ATC is a GLBT tennis group which meets weekly to practice, socialize, and to help promote the sport of tennis in the gay and lesbian community alongside straight allies. As a club, ATC is part of the International Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA) and hosts an annual tournament on the circuit known as the Heart of Texas Classic, or the HOT tournament while growing by becoming one of the largest charity donors in the GLTA circuit.

G.L.A.M. Climb of Texas
GLAM exists to provide a safe and inclusive space for any person who is interested in rock climbing. This extends to all members of the LGBTQ community, all races, nationalities, and religions. 

Queer Ride
Queer Ride was created in 2011 in Austin, TX as an inclusive, no-drop, social bike ride for LGBTQIA+ folks & allies.

Softball Austin
Softball Austin was established in 2004 to offer the Central Texas LGBTQ community and supporters the opportunity to enjoy recreational softball in a competitive, inclusive environment currently with two divisions where members are allowed to attend the national World Series. Off the field, Softball Austin is over 600 members strong, creating “A League of Our Own” making meaningful relationships through multiple social and community events. 

Stonewall Sports
Established in 2023, Stonewall Sports is a LGBTQ+ community sports league that strives to create a community where individuals can come together to meet other people and engage in some friendly competition in an environment that's welcoming to everyone. Starting with kickball, the league will expand and offer additional sporting seasons as they grow. 

Varsity Gay League (Dodgeball, Kickball & Volleyball)
Varsity Gay League or V.G.L. is the original LGBTQ+ Recreational Sports Organization, established in 2007 offering year-round outside-the-box activities, games and sporting events to the active Austin-area resident. It's VGL’s goal to excite and unite the gay and straight community with new ways to play and interact. 

Volleyball Austin
Volleyball Austin offers the Central Texas lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community and straight allies the opportunity to experience and enjoy volleyball in an inclusive and affirming environment.

Past National LGBTQ+ Sporting Events & Bids

  • 2026Gay Games Bid
  • 2022: Gay Games Bid: 4th Place Finalist
  • 2020: National Gay Flag Football League - Gay Bowl Bid: Top 3 Bid Finalist
  • 2019: National Gay Basketball Association - National Tournament, Gay Kickball USA - World Series and Gay Kickball - Great State Classic
  • 2017: Amateur Sports Alliance of North America - Winter Meetings and Amateur Sports Alliance of North America - 12th Annual Softball World Series
  • 2016: North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance - Softball Winter Meetings, North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance - 40th Annual Gay Softball World Series, International Gay Rodeo Association - Annual Convention and Connect Sports LGBTQ Task Force
  • 2015: Geeks First - LGBT Anime
  • 2010: International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs - Annual Convention & Dance Competition
  • 2005: 2005-2020 Softball Austin - Texas Shootout