Get to Know Downtown Austin's Restaurants, Bars & Things To Do

As hoppin’ during the week as it is on the weekends, this a bustling area of commerce, cuisine, cocktails and the Capitol is a melting pot of finance and fun, as well as philanthropic conservation. In addition to opportunities for retail therapy, the arts scene is alive and well in downtown Austin with galleries and museums at nearly every corner.

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2ND Street District

Officially spanning the length of 2nd Street between Congress Avenue and San Antonio streets, this area is home to many local and national brands and has the most downtown shopping, ranging from beauty, body and abode. 2ND Street District is also home to critically acclaimed restaurants and entertainment venues that provide an authentic Austin experience. Learn More.

Rainey Street

Renovated houses turned into bungalow bars reign supreme on this increasingly popular tucked-away street. Day or night, you’ll find relaxed bar-goers strolling from bar to food trailer to bar again, often with their dogs in tow looking for a kicked back sip and a bite. Learn More.

Red River

Nightclub heavy, droves of concert-seekers mill the streets of Austin's Red River Cultural District, dipping into watering holes for Lone Star beers while waiting for the lights to dim and shows to begin. Learn More.

Sixth Street

Sixth Street is distinctly Austin. With its colorful and bustling array of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, it’s a sure bet for experiencing local characters and the vibrancy of the city. Learn More.

Warehouse District

As the name suggests, many of this neighborhood's bars and restaurants are housed in renovated, antique warehouses. The gritty backdrop makes for a vibrant scene that draws a diverse crowd thanks to its range of live entertainment, restaurants, LGBTQ scene and unique shops. Learn More.

West Sixth Street

A thoughtfully curated section of town, find everything from craft cocktails and galleries to rustic beer gardens, cult-followed grub and the flagship Whole Foods Market. Learn More.